GDB's Private label program is a paint program that produces specialized and customized end products, ready for sale to the end user. It allows customers to customize any GDB paint product to match their requirements, and comes in a custom packaging, tailored to match your brand identity. The program also extends design services to help the client create a new brand, or give an their existing brand a contemporary feel.

" With the cooperation of our suppliers, GDB’s sustainable programs
not only prevent paint from going to the landfills, but also create jobs
and contribute to charitable projects all over the world. "
GDB promotes customers’ to
develop their own private label
  • ●   Fulfils GDB’s brand protection mission
  • ●   Customers with their own private labels are much more invested in their own brands.
Our custom packaging and private labelling service is
your single source for turnkey product packaging solutions.
For over 15 years, we have been driven by an unmatched
commitment to quality and service to exceed customer’s
needs. All custom products are formulated and packaged
to meet strict guidelines and requirements.
We have a multitude of packaging and blending options; we fill most
standard steel and plastic containers i.e with the capabilities to fill
other specialized containers. State of the art production equipment
enables us to provide packaging and blending solutions for our
entire product range. Our customer service team, chemists,
production staff and quality assurance technicians ensure the
highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

We have been in the paint industry for a long time and we have seen how the industry has evolved. What GDB has established is really a benefit-for-all business model. It helps our revenue with its ‘Zero-Waste Policy’ by saving the money that unused post-consumer paint costs to any company. It has added great value to our efforts towards establishing an environment-friendly business model. Our Carbon Footprint numbers are proof that GDB walks its talk when it comes to sustainability!

CEO, (Partner Company) - M. Brown