Post 2010, GDB began the manufacture of recycled paint,
that was sold under the brand name 'Evolve™'.
Owing to its success, this 8-color line was expanded to
16 colors, and Evolve™ developed from a single
product, to brand umbrella for paint and coatings,
paint applicators and hardware tools.
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Stores worldwide

In 2020,GDB began the opening of our first Evolve
Store for paint, coatings, applicators and hardware.
The aim of these stores is to provide a non-stop
paint shop for all the needs of contractor.
Our stores not only sell prepackaged and pre-tinted
material, but also freshly tint paint within the store.
American Coatings Association

    Celebration at store

    With the rise in preference for environmentally conscious products, a lot of my clients ask for eco-friendly paints. Moreover, GDB products have unique features like low odor and a smooth finish. Their range of primer and whites is something I admire. Evolve M-shield and floor and porch variants add a great range to my business and quality to our clients’ properties. Overall, All GDB products are hands down superior, durable, and premium in quality.

    Architect - J. Rivas